Swimming Pool Plan Review Fee (residential pool or spa)

Pool Program - HHD1011
Houston Health Department
Pool Program

Plan Review:

1002 Washington Ave, 3rd floor
Houston, TX 77002

Inspections and Permits:

8000 North Stadium Drive, 2nd Fl.
Houston, TX 77054

832.394.9377 (plan review)
7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Plan Review
Not Required
Plan review fee
Processing Time
1 business day


Residential pool in a single family home or duplex.

After Approval

No further action is required.

Statutory Authority
What You Need

Complete a building permit application and submit plans for review and approval at the HPC.

Apply in Person

Apply at the Houston Permitting Center, 1002 Washington Ave. (77002)

Conditions & Exceptions

Not for above ground pools or spas.

What You Need

Submit 2 sets of plans according to the minimum standards for residential pool/spa plan submission which can be obtain from the health pool desk at the Permitting Center or Health Dept. at 8000 N. Stadium Dr. 2nd fl.

Submit Plans in Person

Plans are submitted at One Stop on 3rd fl at Permitting Center and will be review by the required sections. They can also be submitted and review and you will be contacted when completed.

Additional Resources
What You Need

Residential plans will be reviewed in field by Structural Inspections. If approved then Health will also approve according to structural's ok.

Schedule Online

Structural inspection may be requested online via iPermits. A project number is required.

Schedule by Phone

Call the automated inspection line at 713-222-9922

Conditions & Exceptions

To request a project release for Health can contact Kenneth Malveaux at 832-393-5089 or by email at [email protected]